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Mordfall Mae West (Jacob Singer, #7) George Baxt

Mordfall Mae West (Jacob Singer, #7)

George Baxt

Published 1995
ISBN : 9783453089877
238 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The year is 1936, and Mae West has all of Hollywood wrapped around her little finger: a place many a man would kill to be. The legendary screen siren has, however, one critic - one with deadly fangs in place of a poison pen - who is knocking off Mae West impersonators along his way to the real thing. But if theres one thing Mae West knows, its that no no-account vampire is going to upstage Tinseltowns most celebrated vamp. Brought back larger than life as only George Baxt can do it, Mae herself takes charge of the investigation in an adventure brimming with her doubles and her double entendres. This time shes hoping he wont have a gun in his pocket, and that he wont be glad to see her. Armed with glamour, gossip, and curves of every kind, Mae leaps headlong into a web of blackmail and corruption without so much as a trace of fear. Says Mae: You dont know danger until youve faced the New York critics on an opening night. And when a Halloween party at one of Hollywoods spookiest, seamiest clubs brings hunter and hunted together, its no longer clear who is after whom. What is clear, however, is that once Mae West gets in on the act, no sucker is safe.