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Sıfıra Doğru Agatha Christie

Sıfıra Doğru

Agatha Christie

Published 1963
208 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In Agatha Christies 1944 mystery, TOWARDS ZERO, the title is explained by the elderly solicitor, Mr. Treves. When asked to tell a story from his long career, he begins a horrific tale of two related children playing with a potentially deadly weapon. One is killed, and the other expresses effusive regrets about the terrible accident. Mr. Treves believes the child has gotten away with murder, and he is certain he would recognize the child even twenty years later because of a physical sign that could not be altered.You see, murders occur at point zero, but the humiliations, insults, rage and revenge begin years before and move towards the killing when all elements combine to make the one, horrific event.It is late summer, and gathered around Lady Tressilians well-adorned table are invited guests (some more welcome than others) in the English hinterland. The Solicitors story is intimately familiar to someone at the table, and when Mr. Treves returns to his hotel that evening and finds an Out of Order sign on the elevator, he is dead by the time he climbs the stairs to his room. Excessive exertion or diabolical murder?Theres no Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, not even Tommy and Tuppence in this complicated mystery. Instead, Superintendent Battle assists his nephew when Lady Tressilian is savagely murdered in her bed. All her guests would benefit financially from her death, but Nevile Strange and his second wife, Kay would gain the most. But all the guests knew the terms of the will and were seemingly pleased with their share, so is money the motive?Nevile had insisted that his first wife Audrey be invited and surprisingly she accepted. Their complex relationship provides unresolved details, as the suspenseful story moves towards zero.Suspects are named, arrested and released. Motives are assured, then discarded. The puzzle comes together in the end with the childhood murder and the present killings solved. How you ask... with Battles admonition that some lies tell the truth! Highest Recommendation!