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It Dont Mean Nothing Jack C. Stoddard

It Dont Mean Nothing

Jack C. Stoddard

Published June 29th 2005
ISBN : 9781933265599
172 pages
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 About the Book 

Sergeants Jimmy Cook and Richard Lane were two of the best damn Rangers in Alpha Company. Their men respected them, their First Sergeant put up with them, and the old man, well they tried their best to stay out of Captain Banks way. As far as the two young Rangers from Texas were concerned this war was a cakewalk! That is until the new Lieutenant arrived. What do you mean take cover? Sergeant Cook yelled. You know better than that Richard! Just what the hell are you doing listening to some damn new butter-bar Second Lieutenant with only three days in country anyways? Watch out what you say, Jimmy. Shit man, hes walking this way. He might hear you for Christ sake! Sergeant Lane added. Do you really think I give a shit! replied the angry Sergeant as he tried to push his way around Sergeant Richard Lane, who was no small man by any means. Let me go Richard! I almost lost my whole damn squad because of him! Now damn it, you settle down, Jimmy. What do you think your dad would say if they saw you acting all crazy like this? At first, Sergeant Cook stood there stunned by Richards strange remark and then he replied, Hell, hed probably tell me to just take care of my men and not listen to some dumb newbee Lieutenant! Yeah, I bet he would too! Sergeant Lane added with a chuckle. I can see them now, Sergeant Cook replied with a laugh. Our two gray haired old pot bellied dads sitting around the pool with a cold beer in each hand telling their war stories from Vietnam and yelling out one of their stupid old sayings like, it dont mean nothing man, it dont mean nothing!