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Keep On Keepin On Suzette R. Scott

Keep On Keepin On

Suzette R. Scott

Published November 13th 2006
Kindle Edition
206 pages
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 About the Book 

Keep On Keepin’ On is the story of three young, beautiful African-American women, Pam, Charmaine and Tracy. The three of them are best friends during their high school years. After high school, they embark upon different paths. Pam goes to college to study for a degree in journalism. Charmaine’s main goal in life is to marry a handsome, successful man who will take care of her. Tracy is raising her infant son. For the next few years, the three of them become involved in their lives and do not see much of each other. Each becomes involved in nearly tragic situations around the same time. Drug abuse, male rejection and spousal abuse are a few of the obstacles these three women overcome. They become close again while they are recovering from their experiences and rebuilding their lives. The three women share the type of friendship that lasts a lifetime.Suzette R. Scott resides in Aurora, Colorado. She works as an administrative assistant. She is currently working on her second novel.